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End of life planners

To order the New Zealand end of life planner, 'When I Die', please contact the author direct by email (see link below)

Have you thought about what your family needs to know when you die?

Our end of life planners are designed for you to record all those ‘extra’ bits of information and wishes not included in your will, but needed for the administration of your estate. All your information can be kept in one permanent place, giving you peace of mind and providing practical help for your loved ones at a difficult time.

The soft-cover format of 'When I Die' (New Zealand version) and 'Dying to Tell You' (for countries outside of New Zealand) is designed for permanence and convenience with large, easy-to-write-on pages and plenty of room for your wishes.  Both planners have similar contents, however  'When I Die' has been updated.  If you live in New Zealand then 'When I Die' is the planner for you as it  includes text and references that only apply within New Zealand, whereas 'Dying to Tell You' has these NZ references removed. 'Dying to Tell You' is therefore the planner for all those who do not live in New Zealand.

Please note, our planners are designed for individual, rather than joint, completion. 

Dying to Tell You: ISBN 978-0-473-49003-4          When I Die: ISBN 978-0-473-553326

'Dying to Tell You' (international version) can be purchased online from major book distributors, including those shown below, or from your local bookshop by quoting this ISBN number:  978-0-473-49003-4

Order 'When I Die' (New Zealand version) direct from the author, click here.

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Removing uncertainty about your wishes

Our end of life planners put all your personal information and wishes in one place, giving you peace of mind and providing practical help for your loved ones at a difficult time. The planners provide a permanent place to record:

  • Personal identification - citizenship, marriage, spouse and parents’ details
  • Who to notify and how - family, friends, your legal professional
  • Whether you have a will, appointed an Executor or EPOA
  • Financial - bank accounts (including regular payments), business, property, insurance, shares/investments 
  • Health - your health professionals' contact details, medical care, organ donation
  • Funeral planning - body disposal, casket preference, funeral format, messages for loved ones,   'My Life Story' pages for your family or funeral use
  • Distribution of personal items and gifts not included in your will
  • Social media - email addresses, online registrations, memberships, subscriptions
  • Borrowed and loaned items
  • Extra pages for you to record reviews and changes

To learn more, here is a link to a Radio New Zealand interview in May 2021 regarding 'When I Die', which ultimately led to the international version, 'Dying to Tell You'.


Dying to Tell You - Kathryn Perks

Author: Kathryn Perks

When her mother died, Kathryn realised just how ill-prepared she was for all she needed to know and how uncertain she felt about the choices she had to make. She saw the need for a place to record personal details and end of life requests, and When I Die was created. It was received so well that the international version Dying to Tell You was subsequently created.  Kathryn lived and worked as an administrator in Australia for more than 20 years before returning to New Zealand where she currently lives in Hawke’s Bay. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, walking and playing guitar.